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The Ways of Greater Health is your original resource for Cohenology.
Because Dr. Cohen's life proved to be a dedication to nonprofit research and clinical success,
the world's largest, broadest, and perhaps best naturopathic websites and network are free for your life.
With the Ways of Greater Health, your profits are meant to go right back into YOUR life and health, and longevity.
No profits for the money-grubbers, who are not biomechanically capable of caring more for you than for their selfish desires.
People profiting hugely from religion or medicine are predators. Look only at the amount that the human charges to "help."
There is no human being on the planet worth thousands of dollars per hour to engage in what is no more than mechanics.
The few we see who are unselfish tend to intentionally earn modestly, or, earn nice a nice living and give most of it away.
The best resources for information for anyone, in any human effort towards longevity, are those living stronger for longer.
Cohenology is, simply enough, the consecutive and/or concurrent use of many separate proven methods and substances.

Ways of Greater Health Cohenology Secrets One Through Five

Water, oil, salt, bulk, and bacteria

Ways of Greater Health Cohenology Secrets One Through Five ARE THE MOST CRITICAL.
While you indisputably need to learn about interference fields, these five come first.
Until you are showing to us any better way, how can we think you are knowing any better way?

Ways of Greater Health Cohenology Secret Number One

Above all other substances, there is no less than critical need - one you prove to trivialize - to drink an ounce or three of water at least once or twice for each hour you are awake and fully functioning.

Make a lifetime habit of eschewing (avoiding) water from a plastic bottle. Worse yet is a plastic bottle that has been near heat or in sunlight - Never, ever drink water from a hot plastic bottle. Leaching chemicals strip vitamins from your body, and prevent healthy substances from getting in. Worse, those chemicals toxify and clog your tissues, organs, and glands.

Your kidneys filter about a pint of blood every minute of your life. Kidneys urgently need frequent flushing with water. If you urinate too often as a result, you have an interference field to your urethra or bladder or kidneys. Stop making excuses. Water is the one and only critical liquid of your life. Drink ounces of fresh water often.

Cohenology Secrets - Ways of Greater Health Poem Begin - to live more

Cohenology secrets, Cohenology secrets, all to live stronger and longer through the years.
Cohenology secrets, Cohenology secrets, show me the way, save my family those tears.

The Ways of Greater Health proves that, Cohenology reliably promotes longevity.
The quality of that longevity is determined by clearing your interference fields.
Interference fields build up at ever site of injury, trauma, or toxins accrued.

Cohenology secrets have a way, to show us all a healthier day.
When you use Cohenology secrets, you find that they help,
for Cohenology secrets promote good health.
Cohenology secrets, you learned as a child,
are still nutritiously valid today,
as long as the food's wild.

Fish or veggies, fruits or spice,
nutritiousness comes in things natural and nice.
Cohenology secrets, Cohenology secrets, tell me it's not all a waste,
Most companies seem to lie, anti-nutritionally today, give us the truth... with nutritiously good taste.

Ways of Greater Health Cohenology Secret Number Two

The best Cohenology secrets are right in front of your face!
Salt. Healthy salt, yes, NUTRITIOUS salt, remains the single most critical food of all mammals. You cannot digest food without salt, you cannot produce HCL to disinfect your food with unless you have adequate salt.

No, no, NOT the garbage salt sold in most supermarkets. That salt has been superheated, changing its chemical makeup and even changing its shape into a dangerously sharp set of edges that tear up whatever it comes in contact with.
Such over-heated salt D E S T R O Y S the human kidney, among other things. Always use AIR-DRIED SEA SALT.

Again, beware: Not just any sea salt! The only healthy salt is sea salt that has been air-dried, never filtered through metal screens that destroy the value of the salt and turn that salt into something that is opposite to what we consider "nutritiousness" rather than being concomitant with good health and promotion of longevity.

Cohenology Secrets - Ways of Greater Health Poem Part Two

Most Cohenology secrets, that we learn today,
are somehow tainted by their pursuit of dollars and change.
Cohenology secrets can be true or too false, for good health is no longer a matter of course.

The natural course of things that were, the Cohenology secrets are today covered in fur.
Lies and more lies, more sugar and such, making us believe nutritiousness DOES NOT COUNT FOR MUCH!!!

So take Cohenology secrets, wherever you can,
giving ALL Cohenology secrets, a helping hand.
Reach for nutritiousness in all that you do,
and that means nutritiousness far beyond just your food.

Ways of Greater Health Cohenology Secret Number Three

A delightful left-handed secret counting as a Cohenology secret.
Yes, indeed, oil, the second most critical food a human can ingest.
If you have not studied oils, and the effects that they have on your body,
you need not heed or obey dictates or HealthGems of the Ways of Greater Health.
Many thousands of peer-reviewed studies show oil among your vital Cohenology secrets.
Learn more so you can live more. Your skin and bones can only be oiled from the inside out.
The oil that you eat and drink must be oil that has never been heated past one hundred degrees.
When your grandma fries up that garlic in olive oil, the heat INSTANTLY turns that oil rancid,
which means it will rot whatever it touches inside of you, and will age you much faster.
Extra-virgin olive oil is the only olive oil that can help your body do great things.
Nevertheless, heating it past one hundred degrees (108, actually), you destroy it.
Extra-virgin coconut oil is a healthy oil, as it does not rancidify when heated.
If you eat cooked food, use coconut or similar oil without going heat-crazy.
HINT: Anything that turns brown when cooked ages you so much faster.
That brown we see, even on toast? Advanced glycation end-products.
That is burnt sugar, which burns and destroys any tissue it touches.
When you eat the piece of toast, you do damage, and age faster.
Fried foods? Oh, Lordie, such rancid, filthy oil, killing us faster.
One sweet shortcut is that the body has some sweet features.
When the body is given bad oils and good oils, together,
your body will use the good oil, and not the bad oil.
It's a sweet treat, because you can save yourself.
When you eat something fried or hot and oily,
use a drop of limonene, for the gallbladder,
and be sure you drink a bit of olive oil,
UNheated oil, in sparing little sips.
There you have not merely one,
but many useful, healthful,
Cohenology secrets.

Cohenology Secrets - Ways of Greater Health Poem Part Three

Cohenology secrets, preparing great Cohenology secrets,
looking to to live stronger and longer through the years.
Cohenology secrets, sharing big Cohenology secrets,
show us all the way, save our families more tears.

Cohenology secrets present today, to reveal to us all a healthier way.
When employing Cohenology secrets, we all find they sure help,
for nutrition is among the prime secrets of your longevity.
Good health versus great health, is quite a change,
Cohenology secrets is how we learn to arrange,
a healthier style, a healthier life,
for every last child,
every husband,
every wife.

Ways of Greater Health Cohenology Secret Number Four

Fourth in the Ways of Greater Health list of the five most critical Cohenology secrets is bulk.
Short and sweet, you can think of bulk as being similar to swallowing a nice, clean and wet washcloth.
More than seventy percent of your immune system in located in your intestine, and you had better clean it.
Bulk is the wonderful way that Nature cleans out some of the horrible things that you put into your body.
Every day of your life that does not include at least a few good vegetables is a day you age faster.

Along with quantity of life that you lose, the other "nutritiousness shoe" drops upon your head.
That's because lack of good vegetables also means you gradually destroy your quality of life.
No human we have ever known has made it to a happy and healthy old age without much bulk.

Cohenology Secrets - Ways of Greater Health Poem Part Four

Cohenology secrets, you absorbed as a child,
remain nutritiously valid over time,
as long as your food grew wild.
Vegetables and fish, fruits and spice,
nutritiousness comes to us in foods natural and nice.
Cohenology secrets, Cohenology secrets, convince us that it's not all just a waste,
Most companies appear to lie, about nutritiousness today,
we ask for the truth... even just a nutritious taste.

Most Cohenology secrets, that we glean and learn today,
far too often prove tainted by corporate dollars and change.
Nutritiousness to the corporation is not the same as nutrition for the individual human being!!!

Nutritiousness to the corporation tends to provides nutritiousness only for their bank accounts.
Their "life accounts," sadly, cannot claim to enjoy such profound benefits of wealth.

You see, Cohenology secrets can prove to be true or quite false,
because nutritiousness is no longer a natural matter of course.

In plain language, if you eat food touched by other human beings,
with all of their fallabilities and poor habits relating to hygiene,
you are among the less intelligent people of the world.
Of three million people with food poisoning last year,
some 88% suffered from human fecal bacteria,
Stop eating food touched by strangers.
This is a great Cohenology secret.

Ways of Greater Health Cohenology Secret Number Five

Good Bacteria. Store-bought supplements. Probiotics.
Better than that is kefir, when it is not homogenized. Kefir is the single best replacement for dairy products.
Try to remember that artificial food can never produce anything more than artificial nutritiousness, which persistently kills.
Two of three Caucasians are not capable of processing dairy in any way that is nutritious.
Ten out of ten Asian-Americans are not capable of processing dairy in any healthy way.
Ten of ten African-Americans are not capable of processing dairy in any healthy way.

Cohenology Secrets - Ways of Greater Health Poem Part Five

The natural course of life as it was, the Cohenology secrets are today drenched in mud.
Lies and more lies and more sugar and such, making us see where nutritiousness

Thus, pick up Cohenology secrets, wherever you can,
giving each Cohenology secret, your own helping hand.
Strive for nutrition in all that you do,
your life needs nutrition quite beyond just your food.

Learn more so you can live more.
Cohenology secrets poetry is, naturally,
as much for high rankings as for mutual appreciation.
Granting that Cohenology secrets poetry (poems) are not enough,
they nevertheless serve as nutritious little support gems that do help.
The Ways of Greater Health urges you to use your best Cohenology secrets.

Quantum Reflex Analysis Is A Part Of Cohenology

Links For Quantum Reflex Analysis Websites

Quantum Hotlinks For Quantum Energy Websites - Ways Of Greater Health Quantum Energy - Acronymically, QRA means Quantum Reflex Analysis, in the Ways Of Greater Health list of Top 12 Innovations of the Century - Information on QRA that can help you to rock your world in the best ways possible, by teaching YOURSELF how to use Q-R-A - Commonly heard from those who practice quantum reflex analysis: "QRA me, please," to learn precise truth about your body - When we speak of the game of life, the Ways Of Greater Health asserts QRA to be the name of the health and longevity game
Q-R-A.US - Further exploration of Q-R-A, the magnificent set of tools innovated by Marshall and Forbes, framed around Dr. Omura's BDORT - Although available globally thanks to QRA use over the phone or through photos, QRA was "born" in Austin, Texas - Thanks to Austin for QRA - With hundreds of trained QRA practitioners, some of these practitioners learn Dr. Cohen's way of QRA, and become experts at making use of QRA - Throughout the nation, even the world, you can enjoy your QRA-Appointment from the comfort of your home or office - New York, NY, New Jersey, NJ, Connecticut, CT, Texas, California, or even nationally, 1- 888-600-4888 for your QRA Appointment - 718-972-1616 For QRA Appointments In Brooklyn, Manhattan, NY, New Jersey, NJ, and across the nation, the best QRA appointments - Invest wisely into yourself by learning QRA, or enjoy a QRA session with an expert, Level III QRA Practitioner in NY, or by phone, photo, or internet - If your doctor has given up on you, or the reverse, call a QRA practitioner 1-888-6004-888 - remember 6004 - QRA Appointments - Brooklyn, NY, NJ, CT - No comparison: QRA is the most accurate test of all organs and glands. QRA appointments with QRA practitioners - non-invasive, pain-free, more accurate - QTA1 empowers QRA Practitioners to prove themselves the most accurate testers available. Organs, glands, tissue, functions, assessable with just two fingers - New York, New Jersey, Austin, Dallas, Texas, California - QRA appointments at 1-888-600-4888 - QRA is the smartest approach, from your first QRA Appointment - You can call 1-888-6004-888 from anywhere in the country to speak with the nation's greatest, most advanced QRA practitioners, trained in Texas - Paying homage to all QRA practitioners who remain focused on kai-sen - unceasing improvement, David Cohen proved the best of all QRA practitioners - Additional Ways Of Greater Health perspective on QRA. This website is so important, Ways Of Greater Health named it QRA twice for emphasis - As noted with relation to, and the birth of QRA, as well, is an homage to the Texas wizards who gave us QRA - Ways Of Greater Health On QRA-Referrals - Natural Health Benefited Most By Your Own Application Of QRA - Begin with QRA Referrals - Every organ and gland in your body has a specific, identified electrical point. You can assay the strength of each with quantum reflex - Of all that you may learn in the way of health and wealth, Quantum Reflex is surely among the most brilliantly useful to your health and longevity - The game-changer of game-changers because you can use Quantum Reflex Analysis to measure the strength of food and plenty much more - A thousand medical devices cannot reveal more personal information about you and your state than one skilled quantum reflex analysis expert - Information on the subject of quantum reflex analysis, the one set of thoughts and tools that every human being needs to have and to employ - Even further information on the near-magical skillset you RAPDILY build when using quantum reflex analysis techniques of measurement - A truly spectacular innovation introduced to the Ways Of Greater Health which resulted in the many-times-stronger MagicalTape from Dr. Cohen
Nearly-instant remediation of electrical pollution pouring out of all electrical boxes is easy and inexpensive with MagicalTape or even the original QTape

Cohenology and Quantum Reflex Analysis - Ways of Greater Health

Links For Quantum Reflex Analysis - perhaps the most amazing thing you will ever learn
QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) has proven to be correct tens of thousands of times in a row!
This test is so magnificently accurate in diagnosis and so much more that it is actually patented.
Twenty thousand M.D.'s gathered together cannot possibly tell you what one QRA practitioner does.
There is absolutely no guesstimating or poking or prodding or "maybe's" - QRA proves true every time.
The Ways of Greater Health promises you that every human who encounters Q.R.A. is utterly astounded.
No medical test is as perfect, no medical test is as accurate, no medical test is as thoroughly revealing to you.
Best of all, quantum reflex analysis is a simple one-second test that you get to use, freely, for as long as you live.

Learn more, so you can live more. Learn quickly how to use Q.R.A. to test your food, clothes, and literally everything else.
Remember that the Ways of Greater Health ONLY deals in those natural approaches that work approximately every single time.

Quantum reflex analysis has consistently proven to be the most accurate and comprehensive clinical tool encountered or developed by any member of the human race.

Not a one of us, including you, has any licit right to support or repudiate quantum reflex analysis or how quantum reflex analysis works until you stand in the presence of a trained QRA practitioner actually performing the quantum reflex analysis test. It is a bidigital one-second test. That's it.

Proving even further what a longevity-extending treat for human health and longevity is quantum reflex analysis, consider this:

Once you learn the simple and basic techniques of B-DORT (bidigital o-ring test), you can then use quantum reflex analysis yourself, for as long as you live. The very fact of quantum reflex analysis being free is a powerful reason for "formal" medicine to fight it. The most important facet of quantum reflex analysis may not be its instant utility as much as the instant proof, empowering quantum reflex analysis to be spread to every corner of the earth. The brighter you are, the faster you get it. You can master the quantum reflex analysis in rapid order, and, again, use it forever, on your food, clothing, people, and more.

Dr. Cohen has decidedly and rather dramatically expanded on the works of Dr. Omura and Dr. Marshall. A hundred medical doctors with billions in equipment combined could not measure up to Q.R.A., because quantum reflex analysis is non-invasive and instantaneous. Proof is instantly obtained, sustained.

Of all the tools and resources shared within the QRA Zen Of All Medicine, Q.R.A. is at the top of the list for correcting approximately all human disorders outside of death itself. Only three basics cause human health challenges: physical damage, chemical insult, both of which include foods and non-foods that are ingested, and electrical interference. When you injure the body in any way, the electrical field in that area is disturbed by congregating toxins. ALL healing, all scars, leave toxins behind. The only method shown and proven - let alone for thousands of years in a row - are mudpacks.

Now that you can use Q.R.A. to test which substances will best augment the work of the mudpack, targeted nutrition becomes infinitely more valuable than all the medical doctors of the world - even combined together. This is the first health-related technology to prove beneficial approximately one thousand of every one thousand tries.

Combining the world's oldest technologies with the newest, no less than eighty to ninety percent of all humans who encounter Q.R.A. are simply and undeniably astounded, because it works approximately 100% of the time.

Often mistaken for kinesiology or muscle testing (both of which can be more accurate than heavy-duty testing machines often rife with side effects), Q.R.A. moves beyond guessing and subjectivity in testing, particularly when used in conjuction with biofeedback therapy such as Bodyscan2010 or SpectraVision.

"Biofield" is the word you want to get comfortable with here. Your biofield, the electrical plasma that covers every millimeter of your body, determines even more than nutrition whether your glands, organs and tissue all and each work.

All human glands and organs and tissue harmonize by frequencies unique from one another yet delightfully synchronized. Each has an identifiable frequency, making it easy to distinguish from other glands and organs and tissue.

Quantum Reflex Analysis is a comprehensive clinical tool, only available through trained Q.R.A. practitioners. The most advanced Q.R.A. practitioners utilize techniques and technologies that systematically "peel the onion" as the client works through the "Steps to Great Health," focusing not only on the physical body but also on the innate healing abilities of the body. These steps are foundational in order to recover from chronic illness. And they are vital if you want to reach a higher level of health.

To best find a QRA practictioner near you, we suggest calling Dr. Marshall in Texas, at 800-370-3447
For an appointment with Dr. Cohen in his NY offices, call 1- 888 - 6004 - 888
Remember 6004, with 888 in front and back!   It sticks with you, as you will find Q.R.A. to do

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Quantum Reflex Analysis

Links For Quantum Reflex Analysis Websites

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Quantum Reflex Analysis

More Quantum Reflex Analysis Hotlinks and Practitioners

QRA.Me - QRA Is An Acronym For Quantum Reflex Analysis - Certain to change everything - Everyone who learns Q-R-A tends to be glad they did, for their own quantum sake - Another health website with Quantum Reflex Analysis self-education - Round out your Q-R-A by learning how to perform Quantum Reflex Analysis - Ways of Greater Health wants YOU to have great info on Quantum Reflex Analysis - with yet more information on Quantum Reflex Analysis for you to learn, live, give more Reflex Analysis - Title says it best, so beam yourself over to this quantum reflex analysis page

New York - Manhattan - Brooklyn - Staten Island - Queens - Bronx - Nassau - Suffolk
For an appointment with Dr. Cohen in his NY offices for quantum reflex analysis, 1 - 888 - 6004 - 888

Dr David Cohen - Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner
"Help yourself... to heal yourself."

Quantum truth is a critical part of the Ways of Greater Health. Heed this admonition!
Quantum Reflex Analysis does not treat, heal, or cure any diseases. No drugs, no surgery.
Quantum Reflex Analysis has no need to consider symptoms, seeking only weakness in tissue.
All organs, all glands, every tissue in the body, are rapidly assessable with quantum reflex analysis.
Quantum reflex analysis, and more when combined with Bodyscan or SpectraVision, seeks any causes.
What organ or gland is weakest, and why?   Quantum reflex analysis yields provably immediate answers.

If one of your organs, for example, such as liver, kidney, pancreas, etc., tests weak,
the QRA practitioner does not need to be told. In one moment, he or she will tell you.
Considering the number of medical doctors who are embracing Q.R.A., take a look.
Every injury or trauma leaves metabolites behind, creating electrical interferences.
When professors and surgeons are stunned into silence, with smiles, give a look.
The more we know in life, the better our decisions tend to be. This includes you.
We urge you to learn more so you can live more, THEN call for appointments.
We promise: we find no clinical tool as sharp as quantum reflex analysis.

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Cogitating that the Ways of Greater Health is already a natural part of you,
the secrets of the Ways of Greater Health can be a part of your diurnal rhythms.
Breathe deeply, not shallow spurts. Ounces of water hourly, stretching all through the day.
These three tiny, simple shortcuts are among the most powerful secrets of extending your longevity.

Just about everything in the Ways of Greater Health is well worth repeating. Consider your possibilities.
Prior to mastering your area of greatest interest, learning at the Ways of Greater Health and beyond,
it highlights need to consult with your primary health care provider, whoever that happens to be.
Until you KNOW at least 100 new facts about your area of concern, consult with professionals.
Prescribed drugs are so dangerous they might well cause problems if you halt taking them.
If you are already on that horror-go-round of prescribed drugs, titrate under consultation.
Any practitioner who reaches for prescribed drugs before natural answers is no angel.
Always consult WITH a trusted primary health care provider: you must participate!
Whoever leaves their most important health decisions to others is likely to lose.
Blindly heeding decisions of other people is close to the acme of stupidity.
Other folks can hardly be expected to care more for you than for money.
If they cared, they would charge you as little as one-tenth, profitably.
This is one sad, and unchanging fact of life. It is your situation, too.
Learning more, you participate intelligently in health decisions.
Learn about what ails you in pursuit of achieving its defeat.
Learning even one hundred facts, your mastery develops.
Even dummies can learn two or three new facts per day.
You'll find natural solutions to most health challenges.
Each health challenge has naturopathic resolutions.
Those living stronger for longer provide best proof.
If you knew better, you would do so much better.
Great information comes from great achievers.
Give attention to those who have, and still do,
living stronger for longer, naturopathically.

Live out your Ways of Greater Health.
Use your own sense of Cohenology.

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Naturally, Cohenology includes embracing the Expressway Of Shortcuts for a thousand different purposes.
The Expressway Of Shortcuts sees all one thousand of them as extensions and functions of depth of desire.
The greater the desire, the more efficiently the Expressway Of Shortcuts helps you to achieve your purpose.
To only a slightly lesser degree, this also holds true for the Ways of Greater Health, and your life quality.
Death begins in every form of life when growth stops, multiplying the importance of all your flexibility.
Embracing both the Expressway Of Shortcuts and Ways of Greater Health promotes a flexible youth.
Cohenology is using many of the best approaches simultaneously, ala the Ways of Greater Health.
Cohenology and the Ways of Greater Health ride together, side by side in their true excellence.